Dr DisRespect isn’t happy with Twitch not showcasing Code Red Blackout tournament

Dr DisRespect had a few things to say to Twitch after seeing what was being featured on the home page of the popular streaming website.

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The Doc was hosting the second week of his Code Red Blackout tournament when he took a break from reading donations and subscriptions to look at something off-screen.

It quickly became clear that he was taking a look at Twitch’s homepage and upon seeing what was there, the back-to-back Blockbuster video game champion expressed his frustration at what he witnessed.

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“Hey Twitch.tv, it’s absolutely amazing. I just have to call it out,” Dr DisRespect begins. “You’re telling me you’ve got Bob Ross on the front page and not the Code Red tournament.”

While watching his opponents play out the match he was in, Dr DisRespect simply sits there in silence trying to comprehend just why the tournament wasn’t getting attention from Twitch.

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“We’re talking Code Red tournament with some of the biggest influencers on Twitch, right?” Dr DisRespect added during his mini-rant.

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His frustrations look to be somewhat justified given that the tournament has propelled Black Ops 4 to the second overall spot on Twitch at the time of writing with over 162,000 viewers. 

Not only that but two of the top three channels on Twitch are Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek and The Doc himself, with Shroud actually being the most viewed channel at the time.

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Given that the tournament is coming to a close for the week, it’s unlikely that they’ll see any front page time tonight.

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If Dr DisRespect continues to voice his concerns over his perceived slight, though, we could eventually see Code Red on Twitch’s home page sooner rather than later.

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