Dr Disrespect and ZLaner run into “world’s worst” Warzone hacker

Alec Mullins
Dr Disrespect on virtual background.

Dr. Disrespect and ZLaner are one of the premier dynamic duos in the Warzone scene, but the two had a match come crashing to a brutal end when an otherwise inept hacker showed up to ruin their fun.

It’s a common sight to find the Doc and Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane crushing Warzone lobbies together these days. The two have a longstanding history of tearing up the competition together and creating memorable moments as they do.

While a recent outing had the potential to be another classic for the duo, it was brought to an early end by a cheater who was a little less than competent when it came to doing anything other than using third-party software to aim for them.

Doc and ZLaner spectate “the worst” Warzone hacker

In a July 10 video on Doc’s channel, the pair were chasing down a team that were close by on the map. Before the fight even had a chance to truly get underway, the two-time found himself get smacked with a torrent of bullets and going down with little warning.

As he crawled to safety, ZLaner stepped up to fight but also got shredded in an instant.

“Oh, this guy’s hacking, guaranteed,” he said as he went down.

Mr. Violence, Speed, and Momentum was able to get away with his life, but it only prolonged the inevitable as the cheater eventually disposed of him a few minutes later.

“This guy doesn’t even know how to f****ng slide cancel…he can barely maneuver in this game” Lane continued before chiming in with some complaints of his own.

“Look at (them), staring at walls and sh*t. Staring through them. I hate ’em…”

Doc then took the opportunity to take a few more shots at Call of Duty’s Ricochet anti-cheat system before moving on completely.

Later. when one of his viewers commented that some websites are giving out wallhack programs for free, he dismissed the entire idea of cheat prevention in Call of Duty as just “something to calm the chatter.”