DMZ players bash “shameful” MW2 Season 2 paywall content

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DMZ players criticized the developers for locking Season 2 content behind a purchase of MW2.

On February 2, Infinity Ward released a blog detailing DMZ Season 2 content. A progress wipe resets contraband, key inventory, and Faction missions and mission progress. The new season also features three playable locations: Ashika Island, Building 21, and Al Mazrah.

Players have raised concerns over AI enemies being too difficult to take down in Warzone 2 and DMZ. Infinity Ward announced the upcoming major update also adjusts AI spawns and accuracy at range.

Season 2 also introduces a new Faction, but not every player will have access to the new missions.

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Fans are split over the wipe feature in DMZ.

DMZ players feel deceived MW2 Season 2 paywall

Warzone 2’s second season introduces a new Faction to DMZ. Infinity Ward stated in the blog, “this faction will only be available to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 owners.”

Modern Warfare 2 costs $70, making it difficult for some players to complete the new challenges.

Call of Duty, insider CharlieINTEL, responded to the news by claiming, “forcing players to buy the $70 game to unlock the new missions in the free-to-play DMZ mode seems like a dumb move.”

DMZ already features content locked behind a paywall, as CoD streamer Westie pointed out, “free to play players already have a smaller contraband stash and a key stash of 10 slots instead of 20. Although this move isn’t good, I’m not surprised.”

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Warzone 2 guru JGOD responded, “BR and DMZ are free to play and marketed as such. Free-to-play games are supposed to generate revenue from a battle pass or other microtransactions, but not this type of paywall after the fact.”

Fellow streamer Stodeh summed up the community reaction perfectly by just responding with, “oof,”

We will provide an update if Infinity Ward responds to the overwhelming criticism.