Warzone 2 DMZ update fixes enemy AI difficulty in Season 1 Reloaded

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Raven Software just unleashed a patch that adjusts the difficulty of Warzone 2’s enemy AI for the DMZ mode.

The update for Season 1 Reloaded launched across all platforms earlier this week. Modern Warfare 2 saw the return of the classic Shipment map. Meanwhile, Warzone 2 received increased Strongholds.

Other changes were made to the experience, too, though not all of them went over well with regular users. Most notably, players noticed a sharp difficulty spike when facing AI bots during DMZ games.

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Those who frequently jump into DMZ said the changes made the mode nearly impossible to enjoy for solo play. Fortunately, developers have addressed the issue in a new patch.

Latest Warzone 2 update addresses enemy AI difficulty issues

In a post that’s sure to please many a fan, Raven Software acknowledged that Season 1 Reloaded featured a change that “unintentionally resulted in base AI Combatant difficulty being increased across DMZ.” Apparently, the alteration in question was only meant to target one specific zone.

The development team has since issued a patch that should fix the problem, according to the tweet linked below.

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Hopefully, players will begin to notice improvements on this front after installing the new Call of Duty: Warzone 2 patch.

Raven’s swift response to the error should also put minds at ease. Just yesterday, someone on Reddit shared a screenshot of the Warzone Trello board, which suggested developers saw no issues plaguing the sequel’s DMZ mode. Perhaps today such a sentiment is at least a little bit closer to the truth.

Other bugs continue to hinder the experience for some, though. For instance, since launch users have spotted AI bots hovering in the air, an error supposedly caused by a helicopter glitch. There’s presently no word on if and when this particular problem will receive a fix.

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