What is the DMZ progress wipe in Modern Warfare 2?

Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 comes Feb 15 with all new changes.Activision

Modern Warfare 2: Season 2 kicks off on February 15 with a progression wipe in its DMZ mode – and here, we’re going to explain exactly what that means.

Call of Duty’s new extraction mode, DMZ, is set to wipe with Season 2 on February 15.

Similar to Escape From Tarkov in its extraction identity, wipes are common amongst such games, but players online do not seem happy with the news.

What does the DMZ progress wipe mean?

When the next major update of Modern Warfare 2 drops, all of the players’ progression in its DMZ mode from Season 1 will be wiped. Everyone will have their faction rank, missions, and inventory reset to the beginning. 

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Along with the reset, Season 2 will bring new missions for the game mode, a new Resurgence map for Warzone 2, and a new ranked mode for Modern Warfare 2.

DMZ players split on reset for Season 2

Since news broke of the new season resetting players’ progress, many have spoken their opinions on Twitter.

“Yea I don’t know why this is a thing, they should be building onto it and not resetting all my Tier 5 factions,” said Twitch streamer Marksman on Twitter.

warzone 2 dmz botsActivision Blizzard
Fans are split over the wipe feature in DMZ.

“Game doesn’t have any particular progression in terms of gear or skills etc so why? The most significant change you can achieve is extra prebuilt weapon slot” MALDOxMEMES questioned in his reply.

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“I won’t lie if I wasn’t a content creator this would make me stop playing DMZ. I don’t think a full wipe in a game that’s casual focused is a necessity,” another streamer stated.

Setting an even playing field with the new season will allow many new players to jump in and experience the game mode for themselves. 

Although grinding out the faction missions once again will have to be done, the new season should bring new weapon blueprints and rewards for completing such missions. As one will already lose their keys and inventory when they die in-game, that grind will forever be part of the experience, wipe or not. 

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The full list of changes has yet to be released for the next major update, but as Call of Duty said in its announcement, more will be revealed soon.