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Crazy Black Ops 4 glitch is auto-switching player’s classes in the middle of games

Published: 26/Nov/2018 11:55 Updated: 26/Nov/2018 12:01

by Matt Porter


A Black Ops 4 glitch appears to be switching player’s classes in the middle of games – without the player selecting the option to do so.

It seems that this bug appeared in the aftermath of some of the weapons balancing patches that Treyarch have released for the game over the past few weeks, with the glitch happening to two well known Call of Duty players on Sunday, November 25.

Joseph “TurnUp2eZ” Sicre, who previously played on eUnited’s Cadets team, was the first to report the glitch on social media, uploading a video with the caption: “The game really said if I’m going up there I need an ICR, game literally switched for me.”


The clip shows Sicre running up a ramp on Gridlock, when he mantled on top of a large cement block while holding a SAUG 9mm. However, once he landed on top of the platform, TurnUp2eZ was no longer holding the submachine gun, but was holding an ICR assault rifle.

Team Kaliber streamer Xposed also found himself affected by this strange glitch. Xposed was playing Search and Destroy on Gridlock when he also chose to spawn in with a SAUG 9MM. As he ran, Xposed jumped over some rubble and ran towards the B bomb site, and somehow ended up with a Cordite instead of his SAUG.


Xposed went back through his stream to find the moment when it happened, then uploaded it to Twitter to prove that he didn’t imagine selecting the SAUG, screaming: “Look at that! I told you I wasn’t tripping! Are you kidding me?”

It’s unknown if this glitch only takes place on the Gridlock map, however that’s where both of these examples have taken place. 

Gridlock is currently included in the CWL ruleset, meaning competitive matches are set to take place on this map, so Treyarch may be forced to remove it from competitive rotation before the first Call of Duty World League event of the season, set to take place in Las Vegas from December 7-9. 


Treyarch are yet to comment on the glitch, but fans of the game are hopeful that a fix will be released in a future update.