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Cold War Zombies player sets new world record by hitting round cap after 130 hours

Published: 17/Aug/2021 13:44

by Sam Comrie


Cold War Zombies players have been astonished by an incredible feat on Mauer Der Toten as one player has gone above and beyond for a new world record.

Mauer Der Toten is still fresh in the minds of Zombies players everywhere. Released just over a month ago, even after the release of the main Easter Egg quest and Season 5, players are still finding ways to squeeze life out of every facet of the map. 

The Season 5 update brought along new field upgrades and perks, aiding players from all playstyles to carry out their undead battles. 

Players need any and all tricks of the trade if they want to survive. One skilled Zombies expert brought new meaning to high rounds. 


Mauer Der Toten Cold War Zombies
Mauer Der Toten is a terrifying new chapter for Zombies.

World record set on Mauer Der Toten 

TheOfficialKHF is a highly respected member of the Zombies community. Having set multiple records already across a variety of Zombies maps, his latest feat is not to be ignored. Previously setting the Mauer Der Toten world record for high rounds at 848, his latest accolade has blown the roof off completely.

Playing on the Berlin-based map, the record-setter has impressed the community with his new exfiltration completion.

Over the course of an unbelievable 130 hours, TheOfficialKHF exfiltrated successfully from Mauer Der Toten on round 935. What’s even more humble about this feat, is that the footage itself was captured by a friend to record this monumental event. 


Worlds First 935 Mauer Der Toten Exfil!!! (Technically 936 but round cap is 935) from CODZombies


It is unclear why the player didn’t choose to stream his adventure, but we’re thankful this incredible event has been captured. 

After “5 and a half days of straight playing”, this legend has earned a much-needed rest. Raking in over 8 million points on completion, fans were eager to know what this could mean for completing the battle pass and ranking up. 


As Season 5 heats up, TheOfficialKHF is going to be extremely comfortable when it comes to affording any and all future upgrades. Who knows what his next record will be.