CoD Vanguard players warn that 2XP is broken on Shipment & Das Haus

call of duty vanguard shipment das haus 2xp not workingActivision

If you’re excited to grind your levels in Call of Duty: Vanguard for the holiday 2XP weekend, be careful. Players are warning that the 2XP tokens aren’t working properly in the popular Shipment and Das Haus playlist.

When Vanguard added Shipment, the iconic map did receive some backlash. But players still love the bite-sized chaos and, when Shipment 24/7 was removed, there was even more public outcry.

So the developers over at Sledgehammer Games delighted a lot of people when they brought Shipment back for Thanksgiving weekend. And they even upped the ante by adding on free 2XP for Operators, levels, and guns.

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Unfortunately, it seems that those 2XP additions are broken. And, making matters worse, the problem appears to be concentrated with the beloved Ship Haus playlist, which combines fan-favorite Shipment and Das Haus maps.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Shipment & Das Haus 2XP problems

After the Ship Haus playlist returned, CoD Twitter account ‘ModernWarzone’ was quick to give players a PSA. As they explained, the popular playlist “gives significantly less weapon XP than all of the other maps available in the game currently.”

This isn’t even the first time 2XP has come under scrutiny in Vanguard. Around a week earlier, a YouTuber explained that they were getting about 0.75-1.5 XP during the 2XP weekend. Those discrepancies quickly led to players being “furious” with the devs.

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It seems that the 2XP issues have continued with this new weekend and playlist, but particularly with Ship Haus. This is unideal news and players have quickly taken notice.

In the replies to MWZ, people complained that less XP for Ship Haus “makes zero sense.” But the best response so far has to be ‘Paradox,’ who asked Sledgehammer for “full double weapon XP” as a birthday wish on Thanksgiving.