Major CoD Vanguard bug makes Combat Shield completely worthless

Joe Craven
Riot Shield on Vanguard image

A major bug in Call of Duty: Vanguard is making the Combat Shield completely pointless to use in multiplayer – seeing bullets pass through it as if it’s not even there. 

A game of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s size was bound to launch with a few bugs and glitches; some more frustrating and invasive than others. We’ve already seen some pretty noticeable issues with spawns, instant-death spots and more, but one bug surrounding the Combat Shield probably tops them all.

Combat Shields – probably known to most of the CoD player base as Riot Shields – allow players to essentially act as a barricade, blocking enemy bullets and forcing them to find another way to eliminate you.

When swapped out for a secondary, the shields typically give protection on a player’s back. At least in theory.

Riot shield bug
Riot Shields have long been a staple of Call of Duty titles.

Players who have used the Combat Shield in Vanguard have noticed that it does not provide protection when it is in the secondary position.

This is a fairly major bug, seeing next to no benefit of using it in anyway other than to have it constantly equipped. Pulling out a secondary will leave you woefully exposed.

It was picked up on by Redditor ‘fpsdredd‘, who shared clips showing it failing to block bullets when clearly present on a player’s back.

Plenty of players actually responded positively to the bug, joking that Combat Shield users don’t deserve the extra protection.

Regardless of popular opinion, it seems inevitable that the issues are down to a bug, and that Sledgehammer will want to deploy a quick fix to sort the problems and make sure the Combat Shield is usable.

When the fixes come – and we’re sure they will – we can’t argue for their popularity.

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