CoD Vanguard drama explodes over “egirls” being invited to $110k tournament

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Call of Duty drama is some of the spiciest around and this past week was no exception. After a $110,000 Vanguard tournament, the scene erupted into debate as some players criticized the opportunities given to “egirls.”

Playing video games is a pastime for most, but a way to make money for some. Sometimes, the stakes are raised and that amount of money balloons. Such was the case for the $110,000 CoD Vanguard Black Friday tournament.

The only mode played during the event was Search and Destroy and teams were mixed, with pros and co-ed requirements. Technically, each team needed at least one woman creator and one content creator, with the last spot either filled by a pro or another creator.

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Unfortunately, while many enjoyed the mixed format and unique event — there was some backlash. Namely, a situation unfolded in which women felt “slandered” by competitors unhappy with the team restrictions.

Call of Duty woman creators react to ‘egirls slander’

A Call of Duty commentator and player, ‘Allycxt’ was at the heart of the situation. There was some general drama involving Twitch chat and women competing, but things got more fiery on Twitter.

Atlanta FaZe S&D coach John ‘x2Pac ThuGLorD’ Hartley complained about the team restrictions after the tournament. In his tweet, he mentioned “Twitch mods, bot shooters, and egirls.” Allycxt responded quickly, saying “don’t blame us, the girls deserved an opportunity like this.”

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She was then blocked by 2Pac, but not before she shared screenshots on Twitter. Other notable woman creators, like FaZe Kalei, responded with shock: “Fighting against the odds and constant sexism in the industry just to be talked down to?”

Eventually, 2Pac unblocked Allycxt to explain that he wasn’t angry with the women involved — but instead with the tournament organizers. He specifically noted the “constantly changing” event rules, which were a subject of controversy the entire day.

Dissatisfied with the explanation, Allycxt asked why he decided to “slander women in [his] tweet then?”

Overall, the situation was an ugly one, but one that brought issues within the CoD community to light. While 2Pac’s main concern is earning opportunities for the passionate S&D community, women have firmly pointed out that his wish shouldn’t be mutually exclusive with the hopes for more gender-neutral opportunities.

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As far as the tournament organizers’ response? They’ve already announced another co-ed tournament, this time for $40,000, and said that they won’t be “stopping anytime soon.”