CoD Vanguard leaks suggest Attack on Titan crossover coming soon

Joe Craven
Attack on Titan and Vanguard

New leaks regarding Call of Duty: Vanguard are heavily indicative that the Activision title will see an in-game crossover with the hugely popular Attack on Titan anime. 

Ambitious pop culture crossovers have become fairly standard in video games in recent years, with titles like Fortnite revolutionizing how multiplayer titles can incorporate a wealth of content.

Taking a leaf out of Epic Games’ book, Activision have financed some mega crossovers in the Call of Duty series, seeing Scream’s Ghostface and Die Hard’s John McClane added as cosmetics.

It looks like Vanguard will be cut from the same cloth, with launch-week leaks hinting at an anime crossover of epic proportions.

call of duty black ops cold war warzone donnie darko frank rabbit skin peach
Donnie Darko’s terrifying Frank the rabbit found its way into Warzone as part of The Haunting.

Call of Duty leaker ‘Nanikos’ tweeted out on November 7 “been quite a few things found in memory dumps for Vanguard. The most interesting one being a mention of a “swordtitan,” as well as an “aot_titan” operator. The theory is that there’ll be an Attack on Titan crossover for Vanguard. (Probably sometime December if that is the case).”

Attack on Titan is an incredibly popular manga series, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It has also been adapted into an acclaimed anime series, the final season of which will broadcast in early 2022.

This could well indicate the timing of the crossover, with Attack on Titan likely wanting the crossover to take place slightly before their new series airs.

Another leaker, Zesty, echoed the findings and suggested that a melee weapon inspired by the anime series will likely be one of the additions when the crossover comes.

Eccentric melee weapons have become commonplace in CoD titles, and Vanguard looks like it’ll follow suit.

Despite the leaks, no Attack on Titan crossover is guaranteed until confirmed by Sledgehammer or Activision.

Having said that, the leaks are very good news for fans who want to see some anime and manga awesomeness added to the WWII title.

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