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Insane CoD Vanguard ‘elevator’ glitch lets players fly above the map with ease

Published: 15/Nov/2021 1:46

by Brad Norton


One of the more ridiculous Call of Duty Vanguard bugs discovered in Sledgehammer’s new game is allowing players to fly above any given map in just a few seconds with the right equipment. Here’s how players are using the glitch to gain new vantage points.

CoD Vanguard is finally upon us as the FPS franchise transports the community back to WWII once again. Given this setting, boots are supposed to remain firmly on the ground. You won’t find jetpacks or any advanced movement in this year’s release.

Despite that, players are finding bizarre ways to launch themselves through the air. A new glitch is currently being exploited across nearly every map to rise up off the floor and get an unmatched view of everyone in the lobby.


With the right set of equipment and in the right spots, anyone can be flying in just a matter of moments in Vanguard. Here’s how you can pull it off.

First things first, this glitch relies on the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade. This gear is intended to block a few shots at critical points on the map. However, players have since found a more devious way to use it.

Setting this cover up just in front of a flat surface is step one. From there, all you need to do is position yourself around the corner to start blind firing. A new feature in Vanguard, blind firing lets you shoot from behind a wall to keep your body from being exposed. It’s this unique addition that completely breaks the game.


Spamming the crouch input while blind firing will randomly break the camera. Before you know it, your Operator will be in an invisible elevator and quickly rising above the map. While in the air, you can aim, call out enemy positions, and even phase through any ceilings that might be above you.

The moment you exit from blind firing, however, you’ll start falling back down. Though this descent happens to be in near slow motion, allowing for easy shots across the map from the most unorthodox angles.

Screenshot of the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade in CoD Vangaurd
Deployable Cover enables this bizarre elevator glitch in CoD Vanguard.

While the elevator glitch has already gained a ton of traction online, devs at Sledgehammer Games are yet to issue a response. Many critical bugs are listed on their public Trello board, though this particular problem hasn’t popped up on their radar at the time of writing.


With new updates coming through every so often, this game-breaking bug is sure to be removed any day now. In the meantime, you’ll just have to be cautious of flying Operators shooting down from the clouds.