CoD Vanguard cheater exposed by CDL pros after costing S&D players “thousands”

Brad Norton
CoD Vanguard multiplayer cheats gameplay

Call of Duty cheaters just won’t quit as barely a few days into the launch of CoD Vanguard, CDL pros have already exposed a major hacker that disrupted launch weekend S&D tournaments.

RICOCHET’s kernel-level driver can’t come soon enough as Vanguard’s first online tournaments have already been impacted by various cheats. As many of the scene’s top CDL players come to grips with the new release, tens of thousands in prizing has already been made available through early S&D events.

While some have gone off without a hitch – outside of the ‘heartbreaking’ defuse bug – others have already been impacted by cheaters.

Such was the case during a $7,000 tournament on November 7. A vast majority of CDL teams were all competing alongside a number of Challengers squads. One particular team, comprised of relative newcomers, was quick to raise eyebrows after taking out OpTic 3-2 and landing a spot in the semi-finals.

Before long, the results were overturned as a hacking player was exposed.

Shiv is the name of the first major cheater to come under fire in the CoD Vanguard cycle. While all looked fine on the POV shared through his Twitch stream, viewers quickly noticed his cheats through the monitor cam.

Taking a closer look at Shiv’s screen in real-time, you can easily see enemy nametags through walls. It goes without saying, this clearly provides him and his team with an unfair advantage in any given matchup.

It didn’t take long for the entire competitive scene to flame the cheater on social media. “F***ing sh***er,” iLLeY called him on Twitter. “Shiv Pack hitting different right now,” Dashy joked.

Amusingly enough, not everyone fell victim to Shiv’s cheats. ROKKR’s squad managed to find some success in their games, even with the disadvantage.

As it turns out, this particular cheater has allegedly been getting away with easier wins for quite some time, not just in Vanguard. 

“I knew this kid was cheating since the beginning of Cold War,” Atlanta FaZe analyst ‘x2Pac ThuGLorD’ said. “Kid went from getting 6-0d every tourney to magically winning. Cost me $1000s.”

The latest scandal even caught the attention of former S&D grinder turned popular streamer NICKMERCS. 

“The CoD SnD community… By far the worst group I’ve ever been a part of,” the Twitch star said. “Home to some of the dirtiest little creatures on the internet. Cheaters, booters, hackers. Anything for a buck. Steer clear lads!”

Shiv and his team were immediately disqualified from the $7,000 event and OpTic went on to continue their run.

The cheater soon tried to save face by exposing a list of other supposed cheaters in the scene. While there’s no clear-cut evidence supporting these claims, one thing is for certain. Vanguard’s anticheat truly can’t arrive any sooner.

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