CoD TikToker goes viral by “playing Fortnite” in Warzone

Alec Mullins
warzone operators running around rebirth island

A Warzone player has gone viral on TikTok for bringing a taste of Fortnite to Warzone with a surprisingly effective crossover strategy.

Warzone has seen a wide variety of metas come and go. There have been flaming shotguns, broken pistols, and a wealth of one-shot snipers that have ruled the day at one point or another.

While weapon balancing updates typically have the biggest effect on gameplay, there are certain tactics that have shifted the game as well. From slide canceling to bunny hopping, non-weapon-related adjustments have also had a big impact.

While this strat might not change the game in the same way that those mechanics did, the new “Fortnite meta” certainly offers up a fresh way for veteran players to try out a new way of playing Warzone.

Warzone player goes viral on TikTok for bringing the Fortnite meta to CoD

There is only one pre-requisite for trying out the so-called Fortnite meta for inquisitive players, and that of course is the deployable cover Field Upgrade.

While it’s not something a player can depend on having in every single gunfight, knowing when and where to deploy it can genuinely make a huge difference in a lopsided gunfight.

TikToker maletal demonstrates exactly how funny the results can be when an unsuspecting opponent finds themselves caught playing against it.

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This video has collected 210,000 likes on the clock app and other Warzone fans have rallied around the semi-troll strategy and the hilarious results it can produce.

While it is primarily a joke, many have praised it for ‘being clever’ and indicated they might give it a run on their own. One commenter even took the battle-royale comparison a step further, joking that the Deployable Cover is actually more of a Rampart wall from Apex Legends.

With Warzone entering its final era, it’s nice to know that players are still discovering new ways to have a little fun before it’s time for the sequel.

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