CoD streamer boasts about cheating in Warzone on Twitch: “I’ll do it again”

James Busby
Warzone hacker

Warzone content creators constantly have to deal with hacking accusations, but one streamer actually admitted to it live on stream.

Despite Activision targeting cheat websites and clamping down on the current cheating problem, Warzone continues to be flooded with hackers. In fact, it’s not uncommon for multiple cheaters to be found in the same lobby. 

While many cheaters try their best to hide their cheats from the game’s spectators, there are many who are brazen enough to stream their hacks to the entire world. 

After all, many Warzone hackers can pull in thousands of views via streaming their gameplay on Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok. Not only does this pull views away from other content creators, but it also helps provide a stepping stone for those that wish to get into hacking. 

Warzone streamer brags about hacking  

Warzone hacker
LemonSnipezz showed his cheat subscription on stream.

As new cheat software is developed and tools used to enable them to become less intrusive, it can be rather difficult to spot a hacker. This is particularly true when the cheater in question isn’t just snapping onto every enemy in the lobby. 

When a streamer is constantly getting the drop on enemy players and landing headshot after headshot, there’s usually a few questions that get raised. Well, this is exactly what happened when one viewer questioned the legitimacy of LemonSnipezz’s gameplay. 

After submitting evidence of the streamer’s hacks and getting called out for his actions, LemonSnipezz shocked viewers by admitting to the whole thing. “Hey, guess what? I’d do it again,” he shouted. 

The streamer then proceeded to share his screen, showing viewers where he purchased his hacks and how many days left he had on the subscription. “I’ve got 14 days left and I’ll do it again,” he continued. 

Quite whether Twitch will take action against LemonSnipezz’s account remains to be seen, but for now, a number of viewers are reporting him for his actions. “Send this clip to Twitch and he’ll be permabanned within 48 hours max,” said lafleur-42. “I can’t believe he actually pulled it up on stream. Like sure Activision might not ban you, but Twitch 100% will.”

Despite ramping up its efforts to ban hackers, Activision has yet to fix the problem completely. However, many fans are hopeful that the upcoming anti-cheat system will fix the problem for good.