Shameless Warzone hacker still not banned after cheating daily on TikTok


The Warzone community has been infested with hackers running loose on the streets of Verdansk. People are outraged as one hacker is streaming and still isn’t banned.

It’s been a rough couple of months for the Warzone community. Popular streamers like NICKMERCS, CouRageJD, and others have taken a break from the game due to hackers.

With the news of a new anti-cheat set to come with the launch of CoD Vanguard, players are slowly coming back in hopes of this fixing the issue.

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For now, hackers are still running amok, and the community is extremely upset as another person is getting away with this despicable deed.

Warzone community wants streamer banned for cheating

People are furious with Activision, as a hacker is live-streaming daily and still isn’t banned. This Reddit post showcases the streamer playing with blatant hacks during a TikTok broadcast.

You can see in the clip that this person has red outlines of enemies and is locking onto people through walls.

Since the in-game reporting system wasn’t doing any justice players decided to take their frustration to Twitter. Here people were posting the link to the hacker’s stream, tagging Activision, and asking the devs to ban this cheater.

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Multiple players were upset that the hacker had been streaming for several days, and they still weren’t banned. One person asked Activision, “How many accounts got banned?” This was in reference to the company claiming they banned another 60,000 accounts in August.

While the community has been pushing to get this to the spotlight, at the time of writing this, the hacker still isn’t banned in-game or on TikTok.

Players are hopeful that their campaigning will ultimately lead to this person getting banned. For now, the community is just hanging tight and waiting for the anti-cheat that is coming with Vanguard, praying this can finally put hackers to rest.

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