CoD Pros JKap and Temp roast each other during eUnited vs Splyce scrim

Pro CoD player Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda is known for his ruthless temperament, never afraid to speak his mind, and when he locked horns with eUnited’s Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan, sparks went flying.

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During a scrim between Temp’s Splyce and eUnited, a break in the action saw JKap get into a war of words with his opponent, and of course got it right back as good as he gave it.

JKap later clarified on Reddit, that this was all just a troll, but even their teammates couldn’t tell at the time if the pair were being serious or not.

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It all started after Splyce won a hardpoint map 250-231, and Temp quickly entered game chat to remind his opponents that they had just been “smoked”.

JKap then went to game chat to retort “Donny your fat ass has never won an event, you got by every other player in the world” – which sent Temp off.

Temp fired back saying “you couldn’t win with FormaL, that’s why you got dropped for [Classic]”, referring to JKap’s replacement on Luminosity.

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JKap’s eUnited teammates weren’t sure what to make of the situation at first, but everyone laughed it off in the end.

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For anyone still wondering, JKap’s clarification on Reddit makes it clear that this all in jest, and there is no hard feelings between the pair.


While Temp is known for his trash talk, much of it is light hearted, but no less entertaining for fans to watch, especially now that more professional teams are live streaming their practice.

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JKap on the other hand is not known for his trash talk, but after so many years in the scene, he can certainly dish it out when required.

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