ACHES calls OpTic "trashcans" while hitting out at CoD for only promoting Scump - Dexerto
Call of Duty

ACHES calls OpTic “trashcans” while hitting out at CoD for only promoting Scump

Published: 7/Nov/2018 1:13 Updated: 7/Nov/2018 1:23

by Albert Petrosyan


The rivalry between Team Envy’s Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and OpTic Gaming seems to be living on for yet another season of competitive Call of Duty.

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The two-time World Champion pro player did not hold back when expressing his opinion about the OpTic, calling their team “trashcans” live on his Twitch stream.

“I ain’t salty, I 3-0’ed the fuck out of those trashcans,” he said. “They weren’t even at the arena when we were supposed to play.”

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ACHES is, of course, referring to the infamous 3-0 sweep that he and his former Evil Geniuses team completed against OpTic at the recent 2018 CWL Championship, which eliminated OpTic from the tournament while still in group play. 


These inflammatory comments came after ACHES went on a rant about how Call of Duty and the CoD World League publicly supported and promoted OpTic captain Seth ‘Scump’ Abner’s Twitch stream, which had historic success on November 6.

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Streaming the later rounds of the first NA CWL 2K tournament of Black Ops 4, Scump surpassed 100,000 concurrent viewers, which prompted both the CoD and CWL Twitter accounts to tweet out a link to his stream while it was still live.

ACHES was not comfortable with the fact that the actual developers of the game and managers of its competitive scene were so eager to promote a single player and team, while not offering the same treatment to other pro players and organizations. 


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“Just think about it like this: let’s say a bunch of new fans come into the scene. Well, guess what? Now automatically, because the motherfucking developer, publish, CWL team is promoting one team. That is bullshit! And if you don’t think it’s bullshit, you are just drunk, and blind, and stupid, and naive, and you have no experience in anything.” 

It’s safe to say that ACHES does not have a direct issue with the public support of Scump and his stream, but would also like to see CoD and the CWL ensure that the same treatment is dispersed equally among others as well, even if it doesn’t include him. 


“If they tweeted out block ACHES, I would not care,” he said.