FaZe Attach shows how ‘skillful’ the War Machine specialist is in Black Ops 4

. 4 years ago

There has been a lot of debate about the impact of specialists in Call of Duty on competitive play, and FaZe Clan’s Dillon ‘Attach’ Price shows just how powerful they can really be.

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Specialists return in Black Ops 4, many of them inspired by those in Black Ops 3, along with some new ones too, and they are more powerful than ever before.

Seraph’s ‘Annihilator’, for example, the one shot revolver, now no longer needs to be cocked before firing, or Recon’s ‘Vision Pulse’, which now shows enemies through walls for every player on the team, not just Recon.

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Another returning specialist, Battery, comes back with her signature War Machine, the fast firing grenade launcher which has huge splash damage, as Attach demonstrates.

All of these specialists are allowed in competitive play, and they can be game changing, with Attach wiping out the enemy team not once, but twice, during a hardpoint match on Seaside.

“I’m going to show you how skillful the War Machine is,” he says, showing off his “quickest 9 piece in competitive COD history, “when they don’t have trophy [systems], it’s a wrap.”

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Attach rather sarcastically claims “that was a well deserved nine-piece right there”, explaining how it helped FaZe win the scrim vs Splyce.

Much of the complaints about specialists from the competitive community have centered around two in particular, ‘Ajax’ (with his Riot Shield he can shoot through) and ‘Torque’ (who can place a Barricade and Razor Wire down on the map).

Neither of these specialists are deemed particularly conducive to competitive play, but some feel specialists generally take something away from competitive ‘integrity’.

On the other hand, they create huge highlight moments which are undeniably exciting to watch for a spectator, as well as helping more casual fans perhaps recognize their favorite specialist in play, even if they don’t have a favorite player yet.

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