MW3 players demand permanent small map playlist after Rustment’s removal

Shane Black
MW3 image of Rust map

MW3 players are not happy with the recent removal of the Rustment playlist and want there to be a permanent playlist for small maps.

With the recent update for MW3’s Season 1 Reloaded, the fan-favorite Rustment playlist was removed from rotation.

This mode allowed players to only play on the Rust and Shipment maps, the two smallest maps in the game that have been popular in the franchise for a long time.

With its removal, the MW3 playerbase is not happy and is demanding a permanent small map playlist be implemented.

MW3 fans want a small map playlist

In the wake of the update’s issues, the removal of Rustment has gone somewhat unnoticed – except for one player who took to the game’s subreddit to talk about it.

They explain in their post: “People like the quick pace, the go-go-go. The fact that no alternate small map style was [given] is crazy to me. Now, i’ts all maps that can take 45 seconds to find a single person at times.”

Many users came to support this sentiment, with one player responding: “The whole reason I play multiplayer/TDM-style sh*t like this is to shoot enemies. If I wanted to spend 2/3 of my match running around, I’d go play a BR.”

Many members of the community believe that the devs just want players to have to play on the new map, Rio, that released with the update. Removing the Rustment playlist, which is highly popular, means that players will have to play on the new map playlist instead.

Many players use maps like Shipment and Rust to grind out camo challenges in MW3, since their small size makes it much easier to get the kills needed for each one.

As one user said, “Certain challenges can be done in less than half the time.”

The Rustment playlist will surely return to MW3 at some point, and with the community uproar over it now, it could be sooner than later.

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