CoD players angry as devs keep removing game modes for no reason

Kurt Perry
ghost operator with vel 46 smg playing warzone 2 in plunder match.

CoD players have grown tired of the devs removing popular game modes such as Plunder for seemingly no reason.

The removal of game modes is nothing new to either Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2. Throughout the year players have been complaining about the removal of duos and trios.

On the Modern Warfare 2 side, Shipment 24/7 has been rotated in and out as a featured game mode several times frustrating those in the community that enjoy its unique chaotic gameplay.

But it’s the most recent playlist update that saw Plunder taken out of the game on May 10 that has pushed some players over the edge.

CoD players are upset as Plunder is removed from Warzone 2

CoD players have taken to the Warzone Reddit to complain about the removal of Plunder, a new game mode to Warzone 2 that was added on May 17.

The post states: “Why the hell are y’all removing game modes and not just leaving them like that crap is so annoying Plunder is the only reason I play this game because of SBMM being so strict and me actually having a job and a life (so I can’t just get better than I already am) the other modes are no fun.”

Several members of the community agreed with the post with one response reading: “Preach! Plunder is like the only mode where you can go into Warzone with the loadout you paid for, with unlimited respawns. And it’s up for like, what? A week or two?”

Believing the removal of modes is related to player count, another fan replied: “If we really do have a lower player count for Warzone 2, then why not reduce the total player count of Battle Royale lobbies? Any less than 150 would make for slow gameplay, but do we really have a choice at this point?”

Some fans defended the decision, sympathizing with the developer’s position: “Sadly, the fact that so many players have left the game makes it a lot harder to keep all the game modes humming along smoothly, without insane wait times. This is probably the reason for the shuffle.”

Although the most widely accepted explanation for game modes being removed is a decreasing player count, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has provided an official explanation.

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