What is Plunder in Warzone 2?

The Plunder game mode in Warzone 2.Activision

Plunder has finally made its long-awaited return to Warzone 2 in Season 3 and it has a fresh coat of paint.

Warzone 2 Season 3 adds a few new game modes to the battle royale sequel. Massive Resurgence brings the fan-favorite game mode to Al Mazrah. The game mode plays the same as Ashika Island but adjusts for a much larger lobby size.

Season 3 also marks the introduction of a Ranked Play mode. We still don’t know much about the competitive mode, but the developers announced a Top 250 system and a separate ruleset from the standard battle royale experience.

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It’s not just new game modes coming to Warzone 2, as a familiar favorite gets re-introduced as well. Here is everything you need to know about Plunder in Warzone 2, which is coming at some point during Season 3.

Changes to Plunder in Warzone 2

warzone 2 plunderActivision Blizzard
Plunder grew to become a beloved game mode in Warzone 1.

Plunder tasks squads with gathering as much in-game cash as possible, only winning when they become the first team to collect $1 million. In Warzone 2, cash can be earned by eliminating enemies, completing contracts, partaking in events, or clearing out Strongholds and Blacksites.

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Squads can deposit their case at a cash deposit helipad or use a cash deposit balloon.

Infinity Ward announced a variety of new features for Plunder to keep the experience fresh in Warzone 2.

New Plunder events

Here is a full list of the new events in Plunder

  • Blood Money – Not just a Plunder variant! Double Cash is earned for eliminating and looting Operators during a Blood Money event.
  • Cannon Fodder – [[REDACTED]]
  • Heat – Blacksites and Strongholds pay out five times their usual reward. Weapons hot!
  • Contractor – All contracts earn double the cash reward for a short time.
  • Money Siphon – ATMs around the map pour out an endless Cash supply. Grab it before they are fixed!
  • Choke Hold – Match going a bit long? The Choke Hold event triggers a gas circle in some long-lasting matches.

The developers added that multiple events can occur during a match. We will provide an update when we know more about the events with currently redacted information.

Buy Station changes

Besides depositing cash, players can also purchase cash-deposit balloons, killstreaks, weapons, and other useful items. Here is a full list of the new buy station additions in Warzone 2.

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  • Credit Card – Save more with the official Bank of Adal Quickscope Card, now with 10% Cashback on any and all purchases! No application or Ranked Skill Division Credit Score necessary, just a small introductory Cash fee.
  • Leave a legacy – Until you respawn, that is. Save 50% of your Cash on hand when eliminated by picking up Life Insurance for a small Cash fee.
  • Angel Investor – For little cash down, you can pick up a Top Secret Contract with enhanced payout multiplies for whatever task it presents, in addition to a free UAV.

Challenges and rewards

Plunder offers nine rewards earned through completing challenges. The developers stated in a blog post that rewards can be earned through winning Plunder matches, eliminating AI combatants or AI enemies, or playing the game.

Rewards include a vehicle camo, calling cards, and more. We will share an update when we know more about Plunder and its official release date.

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