CoD player discovers method to unlock missed gift pack cosmetics

John Esposito
CoD Warzone artwork

One CoD player has uncovered a new way to earn old gift packs, although it might be a headache if you’re not a fan of the UI.

Since Modern Warfare 2019, Call of Duty‘s in-game customization has massively expanded, letting players deck out their weapons with various stickers and charms. There are a variety of ways to earn said cosmetics, whether by completing in-game milestones during events, completing the Battle Pass, or purchasing bundles. 

One of the easiest ways to earn cosmetics comes from gift packs, which the developers will drop in the shop during holidays. That said, if you don’t play the game during this time, you’ll miss your window to grab these gift packs. 

However, a user on MW3’s Reddit showed that if you scroll through the Gunsmith, head over to “Customize,” and scroll through the “Stickers” section, you can redeem any missed gift packs.

Following the discovery, CoD players started adding their tips. For example, it only works for gift packs released during Modern Warfare 3’s life cycle. You also don’t only have to navigate through the Stickers tab, as going through “Charms” works just as well.

One player shared another helpful tip for PlayStation users: “You can also get any of the Pro Packs that have been released since MW2 by just going to the add-ons page.”

That said, cosmetics from these packs are only visible to PlayStation players.

With OP sharing their discovery in MW3 and Warzone, players were stoked about the find. However, some were fearful the developers would patch this method, while a few others blasted the UI and the time it takes to find the free cosmetics.

While it may take some time to collect them all, it’s a welcome shot at getting old CoD cosmetics.