CoD Mobile fans baffled by Undefeated Esports’ unexplained Champs disqualification

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CoD: Mobile fans are debating the disqualification of Undefeated Esports as their removal from the ongoing CoD: Mobile World Championship tournament has caused confusion. 

Call of Duty teams across the world have finally been brought together, for the Call of Duty Championship and CoD: Mobile World Championship alike. Showcasing the best teams that CoD has to offer, the competition is incredibly fierce as always.

The CoD Mobile tournament might not have as many eyes on it as its console counterpart, but the competition has been equally fierce. 

In a shocking turn of events, however, an unexpected development occurred during the Regional Playoffs of the South Asia and Middle Eastern regions with one team being thrown out. 

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Mobile players across the world are heating up the competition.

Why were Undefeated Esports removed?

Multiple takes relating to the Undefeated Esports disqualification have been pouring in from players and fans alike.

The odd turn of events began with CoD: Mobile competitor Neutrino, after a disappointing match due to supposedly unfair obstacles. 

Following allegations of hacking, Undefeated Esports were subsequently disqualified from the tournament but the reason has just been labeled as “rule violations.”

Undefeated Esports didn’t waste time getting a response out there. While they didn’t directly address any form of hacking, they were adamant no rules had been breached during the competition. 

Despite their official dismissal, Undefeated Esports were courteous enough to wish fellow teams Unbroken and 3rB Clan luck in the next bracket. 

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Clarification of what exactly happened behind the scenes is still unclear. Following their original reporting of Undefeated Esports’ actions, fan account CoD Mobile Esports addressed the next stage of the story in a faux paux retraction.

This only seemed to aggravate fans who believe that Undefeated Esports were definitely in the wrong, whether it be hacking or some violation of roster rules. 

Even with the disqualification of Undefeated Esports, pro player Neutrino was still at odds with the result. While officials are seemingly investigating the Esports build of the game they were playing, this means other teams can’t on the same build.

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The recognition of past complaints must have been fairly serious if the build itself is in question. However, the playoffs will still continue as planned with a revised bracket. 

An official statement from tournament officials is yet to be made.