CoD Mobile devs reveal classic Black Ops & Modern Warfare weapons coming soon

. 11 months ago
Cod Mobile character at firing range in red skin

The Call of Duty Mobile devs have revealed that two classic weapons – one from Black Ops and one from Modern Warfare – are coming soon, and long-time CoD fans will be excited about their arrival. 

For years, Call of Duty fans have been dreaming of a game that takes the best parts of older CoD’s and mixes them all into one melting pot.

While that game hasn’t hit consoles yet, the answer has come in the form of CoD Mobile, and the game is still going with it’s second anniversary almost on the cards.

The game is into its sixth season of 2021 – named, The Heat – and some players are already looking forward to what is coming in future updates. Well, the developers have already started dropping clues.

There are plenty of changes coming to CoD: Mobile.

As they do ahead of every new season, the CoD Mobile devs took to Twitter to start teasing players with details about the new season.

The biggest so far came on August 15 as they tweeted out a picture of eight different weapons sat up on a weapon rack. “So you say you’ve used all these weapons before? You sure about that?” they tweeted with a thinking emoji attached.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot that the Hades LMG from Black Ops 4 and the Crossbow from the most recent Modern Warfare release were both a part of the image. Neither has, of course, appeared in CoD Mobile to this point, and they’re “coming soon” as the post says.

As we’ve seen before, while these weapons have a history in CoD, they could see some slight changes when they arrive in CoD Mobile.

The devs have, on a few occasions, changed the weapon name to make it slightly more unique to CoD Mobile, but we’ll have to wait and see if that happens with these two.

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