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How to unlock Martyrdom in CoD Mobile Season 6

Published: 31/Jul/2021 15:57

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 has seen infamous CoD perk Martyrdom added and, while some players will be lamenting its inclusion, others will want to know how to unlock it. Here’s everything you need to know to do just that. 

Call of Duty Mobile has forged a reputation among players for amalgamating some of the CoD series’ most popular weapons, maps, and perks.

That trend continued with the launch of Season 6 on July 29, bringing with it Black Ops II’s Slums map and Swarm killstreak, as well as Black Ops 4’s MX9 submachine gun.

A new Tier 1 perk was added, too, in the form of Martyrdom. The infamous CoD perk sees killed players drop a live grenade on their death, essentially making their death spot temporarily untenable. There are few things as frustrating as successfully killing an opponent, pushing forward, and then dying to their grenade.


CoD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Activision
Season 6, called The Heat, dropped on July 29.

How to unlock Martyrdom in CoD Mobile Season 6

The perk, as has become fairly standard in CoD Mobile, requires players to complete multiple challenges in order to unlock it.

These challenges, part of the Martyrdom event, need to be completed during Season 6, so don’t leave it too late. Their accompanying rewards are detailed below.

  1. Use the War Machine Operator Skill 3 times in MP matches: x200 Credits and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  2. Earn the Avenger Medal 20 times in MP matches: x15 Weapon XP Cards and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  3. Use Frag Grenades 20 times in any mode: AK-47 – Macaw and x2000 Battle Pass XP
  4. Kill 20 enemies with the Shrapnel Perk equipped in MP matches (The Shrapnel Perk is available in Credit Store now!): x25 Weapon XP Cards and x3000 Battle Pass XP
  5. Kill 15 enemies with any Lethal equipment in MP matches: Martyrdom, x4000 Battle Pass XP
Martyrdom CoD Mobile Season 6 Activision
Martyrdom has featured in plenty of CoDs over the years.

It might be frustrating for some players, but it looks like Martyrdom is here to stay in CoD Mobile.

We can look forward to plenty more historic CoD content dropping in future seasons.