CoD cuts Crash Bandicoot bundle price after error made it cost as much as the game

Connor Bennett
Crash Bandicoot bundle gun in Warzone being aimed

Call of Duty has removed the new Crash Bandicoot-themed bundle after it was incorrectly priced in the Warzone 2 store and sparked backlash from MW2 players for costing nearly the same as the actual game.

Over the years, Call of Duty has dipped its foot into the cosmetics market with different characters and gun skins. Previously, these were mostly about the CoD esports scene, but they became more widespread as the developers got further into the battle royale genre. 

Just like its rivals in Fortnite and Apex Legends, there have been a few crossovers with popular culture too. Naturally, these bundles can be a bit on the pricey side and always spark a conversation about whether or not players should fork out for them.

Well, the newest of these – a Crash Bandicoot-themed bundle – has sparked a bit of outrage after it was released with the incorrect price.

Warzone 2 players furious with price error for Crash Team Rumble bundle

The Crash Team Rumble bundle was advertised ahead of Season 4, but it didn’t launch immediately alongside the new update. Instead, it was held back a few days as part of the CoD store drip feed. 

While it was previously advertised to cost 1800 CoD points, it actually launched with a 2400 CoD point price point, sparking outrage from players. “They added a Crash Team Rumble bundle but it’s $25 and the actual Crash game is $30 lol,” said Redditor Klaytn. 

“Absolute nonsense and I’m not happy, GGs champ,” added another annoyed fan. “The wild part is how many people will actually purchase it…,” said another. “And there’s the grenade skin in a paid bundle…and so it begins…,” commented another, raising concerns about future cosmetics.

The devs have acknowledged their mistake, however, and have since removed the bundle from the store. 

“The Tracer Pack: Crash Bandicoot Bundle is temporarily unavailable in the Store while we correct the price to 1800 CP. It will return to the Store soon,” they tweeted, adding that players who purchased it for 2400 CoD Points will receive a 600 CoD Point refund.

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