MW2 players blast devs for getting “greedier and greedier” with bundle prices

Connor Bennett
Blue thunderfront skin in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 players have, once again, hit out at the devs over “ridiculous” prices of bundles as they keep getting pricey. 

Over the last few years, and with the success of Warzone, Call of Duty has dove deep into the waters of in-game cosmetics. Sure, previous games like CoD WW2 had weapon skins and such, but it has exploded ever since Modern Warfare 2019.

Some players are keen to collect a majority of the cosmetics if not all of them, but that can be a pricey quest these days. The battlepass will set you back 1,100 CoD points ($9.99 / £8.50), and that’s before you get into the bundles that are released through the in-game shop.

A few of these bundles have caused headaches for players because they’re seen as “pay to win” and give players a leg-up in-game. Though, there are others where players simply can’t abide by the prices. 

MW2 players hit out at “ridiculous” bundle prices amid rising costs

The newest of which is the Thunder Front bundle, which includes two weapon blueprints, a reactive skin, and some other bits like stickers and weapon charms. 

Purchasing the bundle will set you back $30, and that has drawn the ire of many Modern Warfare 2 players. “The ridiculous prices will continue until morale improves,” said one Redditor, referencing the classic movie saying. 

“We went from 2400 to 3000, Jesus, Activision is just getting greedier and greedier,” added another annoyed player. “Crazy how a skin is worth half the price of a full video game,” commented another. “You know, I thought 2400 was a bit more than enough. But this is ridiculous,” another player added. 

Some players the comparison to Fortnite and Apex Legends and how you seemingly get a bit more bang for your buck with bundles and skins. 

Others urged the devs to rethink their increases and roll them back a bit, but that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon, especially as some players continue to purchase them regardless of cost.

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