CoD players on Xbox and PC furious PlayStation-exclusive costs $20

Daniel Appleford
Oni Operator skinActivision

Call of Duty players are frustrated with Activision for making a PlayStation-exclusive skin purchasable for Xbox and PC players.

Activision was officially acquired by Microsoft in October with the hopes of bringing all of its titles over to Xbox. This leaves Call of Duty’s future with PlayStation uncertain after years of preferential partnerships.

With PlayStation’s collaboration with CoD came certain benefits in the form of exclusive skins and early access to betas. The release of Modern Warfare 2 added the PlayStation-only Oni operator skin.

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That once exclusive skin can now be obtained by PC and Xbox players. But there’s a catch for those who have been wanting it.

Fans outraged by purchasable PlayStation exclusive

The official Modern Warfare 2 subreddit first addressed the bundle after it appeared in the shop. Now known as the “Combat Pack” the Oni skin can be purchased for $20 USD or 2400 CoD points.

“They wouldn’t put a price on it if idiots didn’t gobble up everything in the store,” said one user.

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Other users agreed with the sentiment, wondering why Microsoft would put something that used to be free in the shop. Users continued to point out that things like these wouldn’t happen if players didn’t pay for content.

“I’ll just put it out there,” said another user. “Y’all wanted this live service model, and battle passes, and you clamor for skins that cost $25+. It should not surprise you that they’re rinsing you for cash over something like this.”

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There is one more exclusive that will come to PlayStation with Modern Warfare 3. However, it is unclear whether the new skin will eventually become available to PC and Xbox players upon its release on November 10.

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