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CoD 2021 leaker reveals release dates for Vanguard, beta, and Warzone integration

Published: 12/Aug/2021 20:01 Updated: 12/Aug/2021 20:13

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty’s 2021 installment, Vanguard, continues to have information leaked — as Tom Henderson has now shared dates for CoD 2021’s Vanguard reveal, beta access, release day, and first season of Warzone integration.

CoD multiplayer and Warzone fans have been looking forward to news about Vanguard for months now. Produced by Sledgehammer Games, the new title is expected to be a spiritual successor to 2017’s CoD: WWII and has people excited for its impact on ranked multiplayer, campaign, the CDL, and — perhaps anticipated most highly — changes to Verdansk.

Now, following a series of Vanguard leaks, some more concrete information has arisen: release dates.


As first tweeted by ModernWarzone and then clarified by reputable leaker Henderson, Vanguard content launches are set to start releasing between August and November, 2021.

CoD 2021: Vanguard reveal, beta, release, and Warzone Season 1 dates

As Henderson clarifies, Vanguard will be revealed on the first day of CDL Champs and will then have three separate play test periods ranging from August 27 to September 20.

Past those testing periods, the title is expected to officially launch on November 5, with Warzone integration coming soon after with a Season 1 Battle Pass launch on November 23. Here are the full dates:

  • August 19: Vanguard reveal
  • August 27-29: Alpha play test
  • September 10-21: PlayStation Beta
  • September 16-20: Open Beta
  • November 5: Vanguard release date
  • November 23: Vanguard x Warzone Season 1
Cod World war 2 ardennes forest 2021
The return to WW2 has many fans excited.

Following Warzone’s continued success with Black Ops Cold War’s integration, fans have been curious about the upcoming 2021 title’s integration. As far as timing, CoD continues its cyclical pattern — but Vanguard is expected to release eight days earlier than BOCW’s November 13, 2020 launch.


Interestingly, the game’s integration with Warzone is expected to be much sooner than BOCW’s. While Cold War took over a month to integrate, crossing over on December 16, 2020, Vanguard is planned to integrate for Season 1 in Verdansk on November 23 (right around Thanksgiving).

While none of these leaks can be confirmed and all dates are subject to change, these are interesting pieces of information for players to look forward to.

With a recent announcement that Activision is working on an anti-cheat for multiplayer and Warzone, there are serious hopes that this next installment of CoD will mean a return to the limelight (especially after popular streamers have frustratedly switched to games like Apex Legends).