CoD: Modern Warfare leak suggests massive multiplayer changes – Cross-platform, class system and more

Infinity Ward

A Chinese leaker who claims to have insider knowledge on the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game claims that Infinity Ward intend on making some major changes to the game’s multiplayer mode.

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The developers, alongside publisher Activision, are set to reveal Modern Warfare for the first time on May 30, but now a leaker using the name Victor__Z on Twitter appears to have leaked a ton of new information regarding the game’s single-player, multiplayer and micro-transaction system.

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Victor__Z previously revealed that he was aware that the title of the game would not be Modern Warfare 4 back in April, weeks before the news broke, but as with any leaks, any information should be taken as a rumor and not as fact.

Infinity WardThe leaker predicted that the game wouldn’t be titled Modern Warfare 4 back in April.
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Major changes could be coming to multiplayer

In a Reddit post translating Victor__Z’s now-deleted tweets, the leaker states that the multiplayer portion of the game may be free to play, which would match up with a Kotaku report that stated Activision were considering this model for the game. The leaker also mentioned cross-platform “connectivity between PC, PS4 and Xbox” but didn’t specifically confirm that this was full cross-platform play, 

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A change to the micro-transaction model is apparently also in the works, similar to the one used in Infinite Warfare and World War II, which will be tested in Black Ops 4 later this year. 

One of the most surprising inclusions in the leaks are the sweeping changes to multiplayer. He suggests that Modern Warfare will move back to the automatically regenerating 100 health points system from previous games, and says that weapons have high recoil.

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Victor__Z also states that the “Pick 10” system for choosing classes is gone, and the game will also scrap Specialist characters, and shockingly ditch the minimap entirely, which has been a staple of Call of Duty for over a decade.

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The leaker also discussed the idea of “skills”, which give players active and passive perks to use in game, but what these entail is currently unknown. Victor__Z finished up by talking about weapons, which players will apparently be able to equip four attachments to.

Twitter: Victor__ZThe translated tweets posted by Victor__Z includes lots of new leaks regarding Modern Warfare.
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Modern Warfare single-player campaign, Co-Op and Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

For fans hoping to get their hands on a remastered version of fan-favorite title Modern Warfare 2, Victor__Z has bad news, as he claims there will not be an updated version of the game releasing alongside Modern Warfare.

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The game’s campaign will be based around a story of anti-terrorism, and will feature three main protagonists, two male and one female, whose stories will eventually join together at the finale of the story.

There will also be a Co-op mode, however Victor__Z states that what it is remains extremely secretive, and while it is “apparently large enough to be its own game,” may not be available upon the game’s release.

While Victor__Z has been accurate with leaks regarding the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise before, it’s worth remembering that nothing is confirmed until Activision or Infinity Ward announce it themselves.

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