Clues suggest classic CoD game mode returning in Modern Warfare


Following the Season 3 update to Modern Warfare on April 8, some of the artwork and images released by Infinity Ward seem to suggest the return of a classic fan-favorite game mode.

Season 3 already brought back classic Call of Duty maps such as Backlot, with Modern Warfare 3’s Hardhat also on the way during the season, as well as some new weapons and a Quads mode in Warzone.

Now, though, rumors are starting to ramp up about the return of another game mode to multiplayer, and it’s got fans pretty excited.

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The Season 3 roadmap definitely makes for exciting viewing.

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Posting to Reddit, prophunt_K posted one of the images shared by Infinity Ward of Ghost in battle, but found something slightly innocuous in the background.

As you can see, on the upper left side of the image, there is a plant pot that seems to be just floating in mid-air. While not many players noticed it, some did, and it immediately raised some questions.

Now, prophunt_K and others believe that it’s a sign Prop Hunt is coming to Modern Warfare, and players are pretty excited at the idea of it.

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Reddit: prophunt_K
The plant pot definitely made fans ask some questions.

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The mode was first introduced to the Call of Duty series during Black Ops 3, with players taking on the look of a random object on the map, such as a bin, tree or, of course, a plant pot.

The aim is to either hide from the players that are hunting you by looking like a natural object on the map, or to hunt down players disguised as props so they can join you and hunt down other props.

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Besides Infinite Warfare, it has been in every CoD game since, and is often a highly-populated playlist with players looking for a lighthearted game mode to cool off with – so this might be the perfect mode for a post-Warzone session.

Infinity Ward have yet to officially announce the game mode, and there’s currently no telling exactly when it will arrive if it is in fact on its way, so you’ll have to stay tuned for any announcement from Infinity Ward themselves.

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