Clayster reveals why he “butt heads” with Nadeshot during OpTic stint

HECZ (YouTube)

James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has unveiled why there was a “weird dynamic” between him and the then OpTic Gaming captain, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, during a chat with Hector ‘Hecz’ Rodriquez.

6050 Russell Drive. Has there ever been a more iconic house in esports? Where OpTic Gaming began its expansion into content creation while leading the GreenWall into various esports. 

A staple to OpTic’s history, 6050 Russell Drive provided an abundance of memories for their fans. However, the grass wasn’t always on the other side, as two-time world champ, Clayster, has unveiled during Hecz’s Eavesdrop Podcast. 

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Clay joined the GreenWall in January 2014.

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At this stage in his career, Nadeshot was the face of OpTic Gaming and a leader of the GreenWall, both in and out of the server, while Clayster seemed like the perfect fit to help correct the string of poor results OpTic had been facing.

On paper, two natural-born leaders in a four-man squad was a recipe for disaster… and this prevailed to be the case. When prompted about his time under OpTic, Clayster opened by suggesting that both he and Nadeshot had a “weird dynamic.”

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The Dallas Empire pro stated: “He thought I was kind of stepping on his toes a little bit, almost at all times,” after which Hecz interjected by affirming Clay’s leader status. “I’m sure I’m at fault here too… You know, I wasn’t exactly the most compromising guy back then, Eubanks explained. “We would just butt heads a lot.”

Video segment starts at 25:00 for mobile users. 

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Despite being at odds with Nadeshot, Clayster looked back on his time under the OpTic banner with fondness. 

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“You don’t really have that camaraderie much any more,” Clay said. “The four dudes, trying to make it, living in a house, just playing Call of Duty all of the time… It’s special to me.”

It remains special to this day to many fans, too. Many look back on the days at 6050 as their way in to esports; a group of people that they could relate to, enjoy and watch on a daily basis.

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Nadeshot (Twitter)Nadeshot (Twitter)
Both Nade and Clay won gold at the MLG X Games Invitational under OpTic Gaming.

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While Hecz and Clayster harked back on old times, they also discussed more pressing matters, such as why Modern Warfare might not be the best title to embark on a franchised league with

Nonetheless, with the Call of Duty League kicking off on January 24, every pro will be grinding to ensure they kick start their season with a bang.