Classic CoD mode leaked for return in Vanguard and it is exactly what the game needs

. 5 months ago
Vanguard Operator and Captain Price

With Vanguard Season 2 right around the corner, a classic mode familiar to CoD fans has been leaked, and it could be just what is needed to kickstart this year’s struggling installment.

Despite the slight delay, hype is growing for CoD Vanguard Season 2. A new ranked mode is confirmed to be on the way, while a new battle pass crammed with weapons and skins is all but guaranteed.

But after Vanguard’s troubled launch, fans might be hoping for something more drastic to shake up the game’s multiplayer, and give them a reason to keep coming back. Luckily, the calls may have been answered.

If a leak is to be believed, the classic Ground War mode is set to return in Season 2. And the feeling is that the addition could “save” Vanguard.

Modern Warfare player shooting tank
Ground War introduced large-scale maps with vehicles to Modern Warfare.

Ground War leaked for CoD Vanguard Season 2

Ground War has been a staple of the CoD series for many years, as far back as Call of Duty 4. Based on an alleged leaked image from Vanguard Season 2, posted by Hydra9114 on Twitter, it appears that the revamped version we saw in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot could be on the way.

That iteration of Ground War took plenty of cues from Battlefield’s Conquest modes. Players had five Domination-style points to capture on custom-built maps and could spawn on teammates or any location controlled by their team.

The leaked image seems to show a possible large Ground War map, made up of multiple notable landmarks. One of which is marked as Castle, which could hint that the World at War map remade for Vanguard will be integrated.

The mode was a popular addition when it came to Modern Warfare 2019, and it could be the shot in the arm that this year’s installment needs. CoD YouTuber TheXclusiveAce felt that Ground War could be the way to drag players back to Vanguard multiplayer.

“If they copied and pasted that formula and, of course, brought in some brand new unique maps that are designed specifically for Ground War,” he said in a recent video. “I think this is the sort of thing that could bring back a ton of players that Vanguard has lost.”

“This is like playing a totally different game. I do feel this could, sort of, save Vanguard,” he continued. “It would even bring more Warzone players back over to the multiplayer side.”

CoD Vanguard showed plenty of promise in the beginning, but there’s no doubt that the fan reception has soured in recent weeks. The return of this classic Call of Duty mode could be just what is needed to get the community back onside.

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