CoD Vanguard’s ranked mode confirmed for Season 2 launch in February

CoD Vanguard artworkActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s ranked mode is finally set to launch in the near future, and it may even be familiar to veteran players as new reports imply it’s a direct copy of WWII’s popular system.

It’s been 77 days since Vanguard launched and even longer still since devs teased a “new level of ranked play support” would be rolled out. Despite teasing the latest competitive mode back in October, we’ve been left with radio silence until now.

With pro players lashing out at the lack of a third playlist fit for competitive and team owners slamming the lack of communication, it’s been a downward trend since launch.

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Things could finally be set to change, however, as new details have finally emerged. Vanguard’s ranked component looks to be launching alongside the delayed Season 2 update, if plans hold together.

“Ranked Play is planned to roll out alongside new Vanguard game content in February,” Call of Duty League General Manager Daniel Tsay announced on January 21.

With Season 2 now launching on February 14, two weeks later than originally planned, it appears as though a ranked mode will be featured in the new content drop.

This major CoD update follows close behind the first Call of Duty League event of the year. Thus, it’s a likely target for the launch of ranked play.

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The start of 2022’s Call of Duty League season could be followed by ranked play close behind.

Furthermore, insider reports have also implied Vanguard’s system will copy directly from WWII. As previously outlined, this means it’s safe to expect everything from skill divisions and visible skill ratings to unique competitive rewards.

WWII’s ranked functionality is often referred to as the highpoint in the CoD series. Mirroring the traditional competitive mode would be a return to form after years of either no ranked play or basic ‘League Play’ replacements.

CoD WWII ranked gameplayActivision
WWII’s ranked system featured even featured leaderboards, a concept now foreign to CoD.

It’s worth taking this information with a grain of salt for the time being, however. We’re yet to hear official word on plans for Vanguard’s ranked experience.

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With Vanguard viewership struggling worse than any CoD before it, there’s no telling if ranked will be able to salvage the latest release.