Call of Duty pros call for Vanguard to add classic maps from MW3, WW2 & more

Theo Salaun
call of duty vanguard london docks arkaden

Call of Duty League pros are reminiscing about older maps ahead of the Vanguard 2022 season. Looking back at games like Modern Warfare 3 and WW2, they’ve named some maps they’d like to see return.

Bringing back classic maps is a key cornerstone of the CoD franchise. With a new game every year, principally designed by one of three developers, each title is a chance to dive into some nostalgia.

While the casual Nuketown and Shipment maps are practically constants in the FPS series, other maps don’t get as much love. While Black Ops Cold War brought back competitive locales like Raid, Express, and Standoff – Vanguard hasn’t been quite as reminiscent.

So, with the map pool determined for the start of the CDL 2022 season, we asked players what was missing. Minnesota ROKKR didn’t shy away from the question, naming a bunch of classics they think would fit Vanguard.

CoD pros reveal MW3 and WW2 maps they want in Vanguard

After being asked about the current competitive map pool, the players didn’t exactly seem thrilled. Maps like London Docks and USS Texas have been rumored for potential remakes, though, which means the options could be changing.

While Michael ‘MajorManiak’ Szymaniak said USS Texas would be “one of the last maps” he wants added, the team did name some others they’d prefer:

  • Arkaden (MW3)
  • Bootleg (MW3)
  • Sainte Marie (WW2)
  • London Docks (WW2)

Another pro player, the New York Subliners’ Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, has also been speaking about classic maps recently. In a tweet, he called CoD 4’s Strike “the best Call of Duty map of all time for both pubs and competitive.”

Unfortunately, Strike is originally an Infinity Ward map so it’s unlikely it gets repurposed for Vanguard. The other four, however, all have bases in games developed (or co-developed) by Sledgehammer Games, so there’s a chance they could come back.

With the newest CoD title already sitting on 20 maps, it’s unclear when new maps will be added – or which ones will make the cut. If the pros had their way, we know which ones would lead the list.