CoD Vanguard players blast “new low” over unfinished animations

An image of Call of Duty Vanguard.Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard has hit a “new low” for players as they discovered broken and buggy animations remaining within the game.

Sledgehammer Games unleashed Call of Duty: Vanguard into the world back in November 2021, but its reception wasn’t as warm as they may have hoped for.

Players are continuously calling for popular modes like Zombies to be fixed, while classic features such as ranked play are only just appearing in the game.

The problems are still mounting in intensity for Vanguard, as players are furious over the discovery of unfinished finishing move animations.

Vanguard Demon Gun GlitchTreyarch/Activision
Vanguard will debut a wealth of new content in February 2022.

YouTuber The Act Man blasts Vanguard’s “embarrassing” mistake

Vanguard has heaps of glitches in the game already but this particularly baffling instance was discovered by YouTuber The Act Man.

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Known for dissecting the highs and lows of the CoD franchise on his channel, the content creator shared a video of this strange inclusion: “Activision is selling literally unfinished animations in Vanguard’s store bundles.”

Demoing the ‘Winterwind’ finishing move within the game, the YouTuber went on to say: “This is a new low for COD. It’s more embarrassing than the pistol grips in WWII.”

Outraged by the state of the game, The Act Man simply stated: “Jesus f*** what is this?”

An eagled-eyed player kindly pointed out that the ‘Winterwind’ finishing move is part of the Krampus bundle, which isn’t accessible via the in-game store. However, The Act Man has footage of more severely broken animations in reserve, as part of his upcoming Vanguard review.

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Players have responded with frustration to The Act Man’s video as commenter @TheGoldenBoi8 said “Sledgehammer just can’t seem to make a good CoD.”

Another commenter shared their sentiment, claiming Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision will fix future issues: “thank god Microsoft’s getting rid of the annual cod release, this is just depressing to look at.”

While Microsoft’s plans for the future of the franchise remain under wraps, it wouldn’t be surprising to see CoD games enter longer development windows.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to debut Season 2 in February after the developers delayed its launch to polish the game.

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