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Cheeky Modern Warfare strategy can easily win you rounds in Gunfight

Published: 22/Jan/2020 1:51

by Brad Norton


Struggling to find a win in Gunfight lately? While steady aim and great timing can lead you to victory more often than not, ridiculous strategies in Modern Warfare’s 2v2 mode can get you the simplest wins possible.

One of the standout additions with Infinity Ward’s latest entry in the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare’s Gunfight has been a hugely popular mode since release. With an emphasis on close-quarters combat and frantic rounds, the more explosive team often comes out on top.

Occasionally some quirky bugs lead to lightning-quick victories however, and a cheeky new strategy discovered on Stack could hand out some of the easiest round wins imaginable.


Modern Warfare Stack shooting enemies
Infinity Ward
It can be quite easy to fall into a massive firefight on Stack, but this tactic allows you to avoid combat altogether.

Stack is a perfectly symmetrical map that features unique elevation in the center as well as both spawn points. Players are able to rapidly peek to the left and right of the shipping container that greets them every time they spawn in, leading to some quick eliminations if accuracy is on point.

Running into the core of the map opens up a number of interesting flanking routes that can catch opponents by surprise however. If rounds are long-winded enough, the mode can often turn into a game of competitive hide-and-seek until the overtime flag comes into play.

Biding their time and cheekily anticipating the flag in the very middle of the map, Reddit user ‘CzsmiccV’ and his duo couldn’t believe how they were able to capture the objective without being spotted. 


Laying prone atop the shipping container, they were able able to quickly secure the round win without ever directly seeing the flag. 

This needs to be fixed… ps sorry about my reaction from modernwarfare

The ridiculous strategy uncovered a surprising trick. As showcased throughout the highlight, the objective can still be captured even with various terrain between the player and the flag.

“Oh that counts,” shouted one of the players as they reacted in shock to the hilarious discovery.

Captured in just a matter of moments, it appears as though the last remaining enemy contested the objective but couldn’t quite figure out where the stall was coming from. Running out of the zone to check, they gave up the overtime flag and subsequently the first-round win.


Modern Warfare two players standing back to back in Gunfight
Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode currently boasts two variants, the standard playlist and an OSP style that places weapons around each map.

Waiting until overtime isn’t always ideal in Gunfight, but this crazy play could be what makes or breaks your next match on Stack. 

Keep an eye out for players trying to parkour their way up to this crafty spot moving forward, as you can always flush them out with grenades or sit underneath and stall the flag until they move.