Censor finally joins Call of Duty franchise team and teases fans

Connor Bennett
YouTube: Censor

Former Call of Duty professional Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has given another hint at his future with franchising and making a comeback to the pro level – confirming that he has, indeed, signed with a team. 

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Competitive Call of Duty is undergoing a major shift with the pivot from the open ecosystem to franchising with 12 teams confirmed for the inaugural season. 

Some rosters, like London and Paris, have already been confirmed but the wait is ongoing for fans who want to see where their favorite players land. One of those players is Censor who has confirmed that he has a spot with a franchise team, but has not revealed what role he will have. 

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Censor last played professional Call of Duty as a member of Complexity.

In his ‘My Next Chapter’ YouTube video, the former FaZe Clan player noted that he’s been in discussion with teams and that he finally settled on a spot. “Call of Duty – I have signed with a team, I am on a team and I am excited to be a part of this team,” Censor confirmed before carrying on with his teases.

“Every single player on this roster is an amazing, experienced player. All these people that I respect and I’ve respected for such a long time and I am so happy to be affiliated with them. I am proud to be affiliated with these guys.”

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However, the YouTuber further teased that he might not be an active player and may play a different role for his new squad. 

He added: “I cannot wait to be in the system and doing everything I can to help. I can’t give you guys more yet, I can’t tell you who it is, who I’m playing for, or what I’ll be doing because I have to coordinate that with the team.”

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As the roster rules state, teams can sign over the normal five-player roster limit and substitute in during games throughout the season just like the Overwatch League. Some popular OWL players have even used their substitute spots to transition out of actively playing and focus more on content creation. 

It remains to be seen as to who Censor ends up joining, or if he’ll be an active player on a franchise roster, but his rabid social media following means that he’ll certain attract interest for wherever he goes.