Censor claims he’s been warned that Modern Warfare 2 is “sh*t”

Andrew Highton
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Doug “Censor” Martin is one of Call of Duty’s most elite and respected players and a source of his has apparently come into some contact with CoD 2022 AKA Modern Warfare 2 and says that it’s “s**t.

The hype behind Modern Warfare 2 is already much higher than a few of the recent CoD games as featuring the words “Modern Warfare 2” alone are enough to arouse curiosity. Tack on the reports that classic MW2 weapons and maps are set to return to both the game and Warzone 2 and it’s easy to see why.

Since then, snippets of gossip and speculation have creeped out and now Censor, a former 2-time CoD National Champion and Brand Ambassador for Boston Breach, has revealed what he’s heard about the game.

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Modern Warfare 2 not worth the hype?

Clipped from a recent Censor livestream, the CoD pro was captured giving his take, from what he’s heard on the grapevine, on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

“So, from my sources, the game’s s**t. That’s my sources, I’m not leaking my sources, but I heard the game is s**t, and it’s from sources I trust. So, I’m cautiously optimistic, cause you guys know I’m always optimistic about the new CoD, I’m cautiously optimistic this year.”

Unsurprisingly, Censor’s comments drummed up some uncertainty and also had a few people questioning these claims.

Elliot Dunn replied saying: “Can’t really make [a] comment if you haven’t played it Censor,” and PoisonXX said: “Game is s**t” doesn’t give us much, why is it shit, we need details.”

Censor doesn’t name his sources, and given that there’s a fair amount of secrecy regarding the state of MW2 at the moment, it’s hard to gauge much from these words, especially with how much of the game isn’t public knowledge yet.

We’ll have to either wait for further comment from Censor himself or to see how the game looks as and when it’s shown off by Activision.

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