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CDL Toronto Challengers final placements: NA shakeup ahead of Champs

Published: 28/Jul/2020 2:45

by Brad Norton


As the top Call of Duty teams around the world look to peak in time for the biggest event of the year, standings were shaken up during the Toronto Open Challengers tournament.

The current competitive cycle is nearing its end as Modern Warfare’s time in the spotlight is coming to a close. With new leaks spilling out, an imminent announcement for the next release seems likely. With just one major event left for the current title, amateur teams have been pushing harder than ever before.

Over 200 teams competed across three major regions in the last Open Challengers event of the year. Prize money was the same as always with $7,500 up for grabs for North America, $6,000 for Europe, and $1,500 for APAC. However, Pro Points were more valuable than ever as teams battled for better seeding in the 2020 Championship event.

Certain teams continued their dominant reign while other regions saw stunning upsets. Just two weeks out from the $500,000 Championship tournament, here’s how the final Open event of the year played out.

CDC Toronto Open NA placements

Players on stage during CDL Launch Weekend.
All competitive Call of Duty events will be played out online through to the end of the Modern Warfare cycle.

The North American leg of the competition saw many familiar names pushing through to the final rounds. The final bracket was as stacked as ever, including former winners UYU and Atlanta FaZe Academy, though one surprising team was able to stand out from the pack.

Five Star Creations, a new org, topped the FaZe lineup in the Grand Final series to claim the Toronto Open. Their roster features CoD veterans Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte and Jevon ‘Goonjar’ Gooljar-Lim.

“Been consistent all year placing in the Top 4,” Parasite said after the win. “This feels so satisfying. Gotta make sure we keep grinding and focus up for Champs.”

The Top 8 placements for the final NA Open can be seen below:

Place Prize Money Team
 1 $ 10,500 Five Star
 2 $ 7,500 AF Academy
 3 $ 5,000 UYU
 4 $ 2,500 Carnage Gaming
5-6 Sixth Gear
Built By Gamers
7-8 Triumph
InControl Gaming

CDC Toronto Open EU placements

Call of Duty Challengers players at LAN event
Katy Eyre/ESPAT Media
The top EU teams will soon be competing for $200,000 in the Champs event.

While 123 teams competed in the European portion of the tournament, it was a familiar roster that came through with the win once again. Team WaR collected its ninth overall event win of the year, though they faced some tough competition this time around.

They were knocked into the lower bracket early and had to regain composure. WaR then won three critical games in a row to bounce back and land a spot in the Grand Finals. In one of their most difficult challenges yet, they had to win not one, but two bo5 matches against TrainHard Esport.

It was a fierce matchup but ultimately Team WaR reigned supreme once again. This could be a sign of things to come in the Championship tournament, though the competition is certainly looking tighter than ever before.

Place Prize Money Team
 1 $ 3,500 Team WaR
 2 $ 1,500 TrainHard Esport
 3 $ 1,000 Team Singularity
 4 Connect 5
5-6 The Bedroom
Team BDS
7-8 The Atlas Lions
Doug Censor Martin v8

Completing their sweep of an entire region, Renegades won the final APAC Challengers Open of the year. The roster has now gone undefeated throughout the entire Modern Warfare cycle with no signs of slowing down.

The 2020 Call of Duty Challengers Championship begins on August 15. The top 32 NA and EU teams will be battling it out for $250,000 and $200,000 respectively. Meanwhile, APAC will be limited to just 16 teams with $50,000 up for grabs. Stay tuned for results as the final amateur event of the Modern Warfare cycle kicks off soon.

Call of Duty

Another Warzone streamer shows hacks live on Twitch stream

Published: 24/Oct/2020 22:27

by Theo Salaun


Like clockwork, another Call of Duty: Warzone streamer has exposed their in-game cheats while playing live on Twitch. And this time, the cheater did not take kindly to chat quickly trashing him.

Hackers have been the biggest issue in Warzone; with cross-play enabled between PC and console players for the first time, the CoD fanbase has been exposed to even greater levels of cheating than ever before.

Going by ‘festation’ on Twitch, yet another streamer has outed themselves as a cheater on the platform by displaying their hacks while broadcasting live. In this case, they were quickly called out on Twitter and in the chat, leading to deleted clips and a switch to Black Ops 4 gameplay.

With Twitch chat flaming him for being bad at Modern Warfare and Warzone even with hacks activated, festation proceeded to let them know that he is elite on Black Ops 4 and challenged them to 1v1 matches. He then switched over to the earlier CoD title, but not before his hacks were clipped and shipped across the internet.

As shown in the clip, downloaded before its inevitable deletion on Twitch, festation is rolling around Verdansk while knowing precisely where every single opponent is on the map. He can see players, color-coded based on their health, with a structural indication of their character model’s movement through walls.

Similarly, he also has indicators for guns, cash, and armor found throughout the map. Unfortunately for him, that sort of unfair game awareness doesn’t equate to the IQ that matters, as he is easily blown up by a Cluster Strike at one point.

This is likely why Twitch chat laid into him even more, as fans typically shame hackers for remaining inferior at the game even when gaining an unfair advantage. 

Part of the reason why he gained a decent amount of viewers on Twitch was likely because of getting exposed on Twitter. Concerned fans of the battle royale went so far as to reply to a random TimTheTatMan tweet to try and bring attention to the blatant hacking.

In response, new viewers could enjoy seeing the cheater switch over to BO4 and continue to struggle while throwing out challenges to his detractors in chat: “Get on Black Ops 4, watch me smack any of you on Hardpoint.”

This is far from the first time a streamer has been exposed for cheating. In the past, one accidentally displayed his hacks while another purposefully tried to show his off. As of yet, neither Infinity Ward nor Twitch appear to have banned festation, but repercussions seem likely following this exposure.