Ultra win CDL Toronto: final placements, highlights, results


The Toronto Ultra are champions of their own Home Series, stunning the Atlanta FaZe in the Grand Final to become the sixth different team to win a Call of Duty League tournament this season.

With CDL Toronto being arguably the most stacked Home Series so far this season, few expected the Ultra to be the last ones standing. Well, that’s exactly what happened, as the boys in purple went a perfect 4-0, taking down juggernauts Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, and Atlanta FaZe in their journey to victory.

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It was far from pure dominance for the hosts, however, as many of their games were nailbiters that could have gone either way. But they did what they had to do when it counted, and their clutch play is exactly why Toronto have joined the elite and exclusive list of teams that have won a Home Series in 2020.

Their championship effort earned them the maximum 50 points, guaranteeing a top-eight seed for the Playoffs, while runners-up FaZe added another 30 points to solidify their place atop the standings. OpTic Gaming LA and Dallas Empire, who lost in the semifinals, both received 20 points to round off the top-four.

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CDL Toronto final placements

Placement Team CDL Points Prize Money Roster
1 Toronto Ultra 50 $50,000 Methodz, Cammy, Bance, CleanX, Classic
2 Atlanta FaZe 30 $30,000 Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, Priestahh, Majormaniak
3/4 OpTic Gaming LA 20 $10,000 SlasheR, Kuavo, TJHaLy, Drazah, Hollow
3/4 Dallas Empire 20 $10,000 Crimsix, Clayster, Huke, Shotzzy, iLLeY
5/6 Chicago Huntsmen 10 Scump, FormaL, Envoy, Arcitys, Prestinni
5/6 Florida Mutineers 10 Frosty, Skyz, Havok, Fero, Owakening
7/8 Seattle Surge 0 Octane, Apathy, Slacked, Proto, Pandur
7/8 Minnesota ROKKR 0 Alexx, SiLLY, GodRx, Assault, Asim

CDL Toronto Grand Final recap & highlights

The series kicked off on Gun Runner Hardpoint, a bread-and-butter map for both teams, and it showed as things went down to the wire for a 250-247 Toronto win.

It was a back-and-forth affair to say the least, as FaZe were ahead big early before Ultra came back to take a lead of their own. Atlanta looked like they might rally late but a break on the always-difficult second hill gave the hosts the last-second win.

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For as close as the first map was, the following Search & Destroy on Arklov Peak was a complete blowout, as Atlanta got the 6-0 win to tie up the series. It was only the ninth such scoreline in S&D all season, and FaZe’s third, as Ultra never looked like they had a chance from the getgo.

Despite having all the momentum sucked out of them in that extremely one-sided S&D loss, Toronto regained quickly for a 165-157 win on Gun Runner Domination to take a 2-1 series lead.

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The Ultra led comfortably for most of the way until a massive comeback from Atlanta, including a three-cap, nearly flipped the script. However, the hosts did just enough at the end to stem the bleeding to take control of the match.

Down 2-1 and their backs against the wall, FaZe did what they do best – dominate. A huge 250-143 in on St. Petrograd Hardpoint not only tied up the series at two maps apiece, but also restored the balance of momentum as the match shifted to a do-or-die fifth game.

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It was all Atlanta from the beginning – a huge 57 point haul on the first hill gave them the edge they needed to remain one step ahead of Toronto the entire way.

With how back-and-forth this series was from the beginning, it was only right for the fifth map – St. Petrograd S&D – to follow suit. Back-to-back rounds saw some unbelievable plays from both sides, as Priestahh and aBeZy pulled off a massive 2v4 before a sneaky ninja defuse from Methodz earned one back.

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Pristine play after pristine play – game five was an epic battle that fittingly went down to a round 11, which Ultra clutched up to seal their first-ever Home Series victory, thanks to a huge 1v2 from – you guessed it – Methodz!

CDL Toronto brackets & scores

Here are the full results from this weekend, as well as the brackets for Group A, Group B, and the tournament playoffs.

Group A Bracket

Group B Bracket

Playoff Bracket

CDL Toronto Home Series coverage

What’s next – CDL Playoffs preview

With the Toronto Home Series being the last event of the regular season, the league’s attention will shift to the $4.6 million CDL Playoffs and Championship Weekend, which kick off on Wednesday, August 19.

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The Playoffs will feature a double-elimination bracket with the six highest teams in the standings earning a spot in the winners bracket. The four lowest-seeded sides will start off in the first round of the losers bracket, which means they’ll be facing elimination right away.

The official bracket for the $4.6 million CDL Playoffs and Championship Weekend.

All of the Playoff matches will be best-of-five as usual, but the Championship match is set to be a best-of-nine, with the team from the winners bracket starting up 1-0.

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Here’s the rundown on the prizing:

  • League Champion—$1.5 million
  • Runner-up—$900,000
  • 3rd place—$600,000
  • 4th place—$450,000
  • 5th place—$300,000 (2 teams)
  • 7th place—$175,000 (2 teams)
  • 9th place—$100,000 (2 teams)

You can find out more about this event and others by visiting our Call of Duty League 2020 season hub, which includes the latest standings, recaps, and highlights of every Home Series, and more.