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CDL Stage 5 groups & delayed match schedule announced: FaZe, OpTic, NYSL in Group A

Published: 25/Jun/2021 23:38

by Theo Salaun


The Call of Duty League has announced details for Stage 5. Here’s everything you need to know about CDL 2021’s last stage, including the delayed schedule and a Group A that’s stacked with FaZe, OpTic, and the Subliners.

The CDL finally returned to LAN for the Stage 4 Major and now it’s time for the final stage before CDL Champs. With only eight teams making it into this year’s postseason, Stage 5 is the last chance to cement a place in the standings and secure placement.

On June 25, the league revealed how the Stage 5 groups shook out — with Stage 4’s champion Atlanta FaZe and runner-up Dallas Empire starting the selection process off. Interestingly, this draft has left us with a particularly stacked Group A.


Here’s how the groups are looking for Stage 5, as well as the schedule for the next three weeks (which is delayed by one week, unlike earlier stages).

CDL 2021 Stage 5: Groups A and B

cdl groups 2021 stage 5


  • Atlanta FaZe (30-4)
  • OpTic Chicago (20-15)
  • New York Subliners (21-12)
  • LA Thieves (14-17)
  • Paris Legion (7-17)
  • London Royal Ravens (7-20)


  • Dallas Empire (21-15)
  • Toronto Ultra (22-14)
  • Minnesota ROKKR (13-15)
  • Florida Mutineers (14-16)
  • LA Guerrillas (8-20)
  • Seattle Surge (7-20)

How the CDL Groups get chosen

After the Stage 4 Major, the tourney’s two Grand Finalists — FaZe and Empire — were placed in groups. After that, in order of final placements at the Major, each team got to choose who would stay in their group or be put in the other.

As such, it’s clear that FaZe wanted Ultra in Group B, while Dallas opted to put OpTic in Group A — a potentially surprising move since many consider New York to be a top-three squad.


CDL 2021 Stage 5 full match schedule

ny home series stage 5 cdl 2021
Call of Duty League
Stage 5 starts with the New York Subliners Home Series.

As for the schedule, it’s much like earlier stages except delayed by one week. Here’s when the three weeks of group play will take place:

  • Week 1: New York Home Series (July 8-11)
  • Week 2: Minnesota Home Series (July 15-18)
  • Week 3: Seattle Home Series (July 22-25)

Interestingly, while there are usually one-week breaks between a stage major and the following stage’s first week, the CDL has revealed a two-week break. Fans are likely wondering if this is due to time spent on the World Series of Warzone or because teams need more time to prepare for potential LAN opportunities.