CDL pro iLLeY denies adderall accusations after “concerning” post-match interview

Jacob Hale
illey being interviewed at Call of Duty League Major 1 in Boston

Call of Duty League pro Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal has responded to accusations of using adderall or another stimulant at CDL Major 1, after a clip of one of his post-match interviews went viral.

The use of Adderall and other similar stimulants has long been a topic of debate and discussion in the esports community, particularly in Call of Duty.

Many players have admitted to using the drug — which is generally prescribed to sufferers of attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy — or accused others of using it over the years. Such is the issue that some of the league’s top names, such as Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat and Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, have called for the league to take action in the past.

On Saturday, January 27, while competing at the Call of Duty League Major in Boston, iLLeY took to stage for a post-match interview, in a clip that has now been shared and viewed by thousands of fans, with many saying they found the footage “concerning.”

While many jumped to the conclusion that iLLeY had been using Adderall during the match and claimed that it was apparent from the interview, the Surge star shut down that rumor in a post in the early hours of January 29.

“I just opened Twitter and you guys are comedy,” he said. “I was on caffeine and the fans were screaming.”

In the replies, fans weren’t so convinced, calling it ‘cap’ or questioning how caffeine could cause those kinds of reactions.

iLLeY’s teammate, Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland, will know firsthand the trials and tribulations of Adderall use when competing, having admitted in 2021 that he was using the drug heavily when his Dallas Empire team won CDL Champs in 2020.

Dexerto reached out to the Call of Duty League for comment at the time and received no response.

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