SlasheR & ACHES call for CDL to take action over Adderall use among CoD pros

Aches Huke and Slasher on CDL Adderall usageActivision

After LA Thieves’ Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland’s admission to using Adderall throughout a stint in his Call of Duty career, a number of top pros and community members came out to call for a major change in the CDL.

Huke’s admission came after a trying few months for the young star, which saw him struggle on Dallas Empire before a move to LA Thieves and a fairly prompt benching.

He’s received heaps of support from the community, including fans and other pros, and even earned his spot back on the LAT starting roster for the remainder of Stage 4.

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As well as that, it caused some serious conversations to be had among the community over the use of Adderall, and several players called for drug testing to be introduced and for the CDL to take action.

Huke on Dallas Empire at CDL LondonCall of Duty League
Huke admitted to winning the CDL Championship while using Adderall.

Among those is Huke’s current Thieves teammate, Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat, who has also been reinstated to the roster alongside him.

“I’ve been calling for something to be done since 2013,” he said, a regular requester of more regulation around substance usage in the pro CoD scene. “Wish I coulda played against some of these ppl [sic] sober.”

Two-time world champion Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price also released a lengthy statement on the matter, saying that Huke’s video “sparks a serious bigger question.”

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He said: “The CDL has been warned since its inception from numerous people about Adderall and the need to drug test to actually enforce it. Even though they admitted it’s against the rules, they’ve disregarded and turned a blind eye since Day 0 (before the CDL even began). I feel like NOW they have to act.”

ACHES calls for action from CDLTwitter: ACHES
ACHES calls for action from CDL.

Doug ‘Censor’ Martin also had some thoughts on the matter. After tweeting that he was hopeful for a system to drug test players, he went on to post a video explaining his thoughts.

“I think it’s really important the Call of Duty League can do something, if there’s anything they can do, because it’s so easy to make an impression on a player to make them think if they want to perform at the highest level, they need to take this drug. The bottom line is, they don’t. I think we need more players to talk about the fact you don’t need it.

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Obviously, there was a lot of discussion following the release of Huke’s video, and there will be continued conversations surrounding the topics mentioned in it.

With some of the biggest names in the scene calling for change, this might be the start of something big for the future of the CDL.