Cardi B reveals she missed out on “multi-million dollar” Call of Duty deal amid legal woes

Eleni Thomas
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Rapper Cardi B was allegedly once offered a multi-million dollar Call of Duty deal that she was forced to turn down because of personal legal issues she was facing at the time.

The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to attaching big-name celebrities to their projects. Over the years, many well-known actors, musicians, and athletes have had different levels of involvement in various projects.

The Black Ops games have included Batman actor Michael Keaton as well as Hellboy’s Ron Pearlman. Infinite Warfare also had Game of Thrones’ Kit Harrington and UFC superstar Conor McGregor featured.

Even more recently, Pete Davidson, Steve Aoki, and TimTheTam all featured in ads for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Rapper Cardi B revealed that she could have also joined the Call of Duty series in a unique way. In a recent Twitter post, Cardi announced that she was once offered a major deal with the Call of Duty franchise but was unable to accept the deal due to the legal difficulties she was going through at the time the offer was made.

“My stupid decisions from the past caused me to miss out on money now,” began Cardi B. “I had a multi-million dollar Call of Duty deal on the table that I couldn’t take because of court.”

The popular rapper and songwriter then addressed her audience, telling them to “think twice about those quick decisions,” describing her experience and the situation as a “lesson learned.”

While Cardi B didn’t specify which CoD game the deal was for, fans online are speculating that it was likely for the 2020 entry, Warzone. Since revealing her potential involvement in the game, Twitter users are voicing their desire to see her appear in future installments. Some commenters only jokingly expressed that they would have “dropped $30 instantly” for a “Cardi B skin.”

In recent years, it has become common practice to see musicians, movie stars, and other celebrities collaborating with the video game industry. Fortnite has collaborated with the likes of Lebron James, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, and Travis Scott to name a few.

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