Can you play Call of Duty: Mobile with a controller?

Kamil Malinowski

Call of Duty finally entered the mobile space on September 30 with the release of the brand new CoD: Mobile game, but can you play it on your handheld device with a controller?

CoD fans around the world are finally getting to experience an authentic mobile version of the incredibly popular FPS series, with many checking out the game’s touchscreen controls for the first time, although some have already found ways to use a mouse and keyboard to give them an advantage over their opponents.

Of course, Call of Duty’s home is on console, so unsurprisingly many yearn for a chance to use their PlayStation or Xbox gamepads while diving into the game, instead of forcing themselves to learn an entirely new system with the touch controls. A few players have claimed that they were able to play the game using their controllers, but is it actually possible now?

Activision - Call of DutyCall of Duty: Mobile surprisingly doesn’t lack many features.

Can you play CoD mobile with a controller?

When the game first released on mobile, it was possible to connect your controller to your mobile and use it to play the game.

However, Activision released an update on October 1 which removed support for controllers, although they did say that it is likely to be coming back. For those hoping to hop into the game using their preferred pad any time soon, there’s bad news with Activision refraining from revealing a time scale for the reintroduction of the system to their mobile title,

If controller support does return to mobile it will probably be in separate game lobbies to keep games “fair” as stated by the company’s Vice President of Mobile, Chris Plummer in an interview with Hypebeast.

ActivisionYou’ll find similar features like the killcam on CoD: Mobile.

How was it possible to play CoD mobile with a controller?

Using the controller for CoD mobile was a fairly straightforward process, so if you want to be ready for its return, here’s how it was originally possible. First, make sure the controller is switched off and not plugged into another device, then press and hold the share button and enable Bluetooth on your device.

From there, all that was left was to find your controller on the list of Bluetooth devices in the settings on your desired device, and pair it with your controller. 

While many are enjoying Activision’s latest mobile offering, it has raised some eyebrows among the console community, as the game launched with a ranked mode, something that players have to wait months after release for on PlayStation and Xbox.

If you’re enjoying the game on mobile or just want to learn more about it, you can check out our five tips to help get you started, as it can be fairly daunting having to take on a new set of controls.

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