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Call of Duty Vanguard players want classic map feature back

Published: 25/Nov/2021 16:19

by Shay Robson


CoD: Vanguard players are requesting for the devs to bring back the old map voting feature after it was first removed from the franchise in 2019.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s release on November 5 came with 16 6v6 multiplayer maps — more than we’ve ever seen in previous CoD titles at launch.

By now players have already decided what their favorite maps are, but they don’t always get the opportunity to play them due to a feature that was removed in 2019’s Modern Warfare, and once again in Vanguard.

In older Call of Duty games, players could vote for the next map in the lobby before it was removed, given the choice between two or to get a ‘random’ one, and now fans are demanding for it to be added back.


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On November 24, Vanguard player willfan8 started a thread in the r/CODVanguard subreddit. The post titled “We need map voting please!” was a plea to the devs to add map voting back to the game – which got a lot of support from the community with over 500 upvotes so far.

“I never understood why this was removed in MW,” they went on. “Cold War added it back, and now it’s just gone again? I get it, it might be harder because of being able to have multiple pacing and game modes selected but come on. They keep trying to ‘innovate’ by removing standard machines.”


While many agreed with the post and wished map voting would make its return, some were quick to point out flaws with the system.

A lot of maps in Vanguard have entirely different pacing to another and have to accommodate different amounts of players — a flaw that was pointed out by bilowik. “The issue with map voting is that different maps have different player counts even in the same pacing.”

One player wasn’t at all hopeful that map voting will return due to Vanguard running on MW’s engine: “Won’t happen, never added it to MW so they won’t for this game either. They will blame it on being ‘the same engine’ as MW.”


For now, players will have to continue playing on maps they’re not fond of, and it’ll likely stay that way. Sledgehammer will need to find a way to not affect the pacing system that was added in Vanguard.