Call of Duty Vanguard players demand scoreboard changes: “how have we gone backwards?”

Jaret Kappelman
Call of Duty Vanguard players demand scoreboard changes: "how have we gone backwards?"

Call of Duty: Vanguard players are fuming over the scoreboard and demanding changes as they feel it has gone backward with each new title.

When playing Call of Duty people are constantly trying to rack up as many kills as possible and flex over the entire lobby.

Players have always had the option to open the scoreboard in the middle of a CoD game to check how everyone is doing. From kills and deaths to plants and defuses, it typically is very detailed.

However, due to the scoreboard layout in Vanguard, players can only see eliminations and are demanding an overhaul.

Call of Duty Vanguard Character Firing Weapon Final
Vanguard players want a massive overhaul to bring back detailed scoreboards.

Vanguard players want massive change to scoreboard

Nothing feels better than hopping into a Call of Duty game, dropping an insane K/D ratio, and showing off to everyone in the lobby.

Unfortunately, it appears that those days are over as the scoreboard but the community is rallying and demanding that it be changed to show more details while in a game.

This Reddit post has everyone wondering, “How have we gone backwards?” Meaning that with every new CoD the scoreboard gives less and less information about how individual players are doing.

In Vanguard, players can only see how many eliminations someone has, whereas in previous titles we could see stats like: deaths, damage dealt, and defuses

Scoreboard Vanguard
The scoreboard in Vanguard only shows eliminations and lacks details.

One person is tired of the lack of detail and the, “Everyone is a winner standpoint.” They claim that the developers have gone “soft” and don’t want to discourage people if they have a bad game.

Call of Duty has swapped over to eliminations instead of kills in their past couple of titles which means that kills plus assists count toward your E/D ratio, making everyone seem a bit better than they actually are.

There is no way to know if a more detailed scoreboard will come to Vanguard but players are hoping to see some additions come in the near future.

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