CoD pros give verdict on Modern Warfare beta – ACHES, Karma, more

Daniel Cleary

A number of professional Call of Duty players have voiced their opinions on the direction Modern Warfare is taking following the release of the multiplayer beta.

The much-anticipated release of Modern Warfare is fast approaching and many fans have been expressing their opinions on the current state of the new Call of Duty after trying the multiplayer beta.

Some of the top Call of Duty pros also took to social media to voice their opinions on their in-game experiences with the multiplayer beta leading into the inaugural year of the Call of Duty franchised League.

Infinity WardThe Modern Warfare multiplayer beta was first made available for PS4 players on September 12.

Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris, who has previously competed for FaZe Clan, was among the first to reflect on the Modern Warfare beta and praised Infinity Ward for quickly making changes and testing new features with the beta, such as the return of the mini-map.

“Infinity Ward are really doing what they should do for a beta, loving the changes they’re making every day” Zer0 expressed, before highlighting one of his favorite additions to the new CoD, “outlining your teammates was a good play from them, hope that stays.”

Two-time world champion Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price also had some positive feedback about the beta, also siding for the minimap to return to normal as well as a list of minor changes that could be taken on board to improve the competitive balance of the game.

Among the list of changes were tweaks to the current headshot multiplier, which many believe is currently too strong and can often result in players getting lucky flinch shots on their opponents.

The former Team Envy star also had some concerns about the current state of ‘Dead Silence’ field upgrade, which is normally seen as a perk in Call of Duty, in the beta and expressed that IW would “need to lower footstep volume a significant amount.”

Veteran player Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte was also in favor of seeing the minimap return, although he had major concerns about respawn points in the beta, as many players have experienced instantly dying off spawn due to some flaws in the current system.

“Game felt a lot better with a minimap to base things off” The former World Champ admitted, “Although the spawn system is terribly flawed, I started to get a better idea of possible enemy spawn points.”

Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan was a little more disappointed then some of his fellow pros at the beta, highlighting the return of Claymore explosives to Call of Duty, sarcastically posting, “I am so happy they brought Claymores back!”

Ex-GenG player Chance ‘Maux’ Moncivaez raised some concerns about the trophy systems also being added to the field upgrades list, rather than as a standard equipment choice, explaining why the lack of possibilities to use the trophy system could make the gameplay similar to CoD: WWII with grenades and stuns.

Three-time world champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow actually got a little burned out with the beta itself, also citing concerns with the spawns, and the lack of minimap (although it was added a day later, albeit without showing enemy fire).

Longtime OpTic CEO, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, shared some of his optimism for the upcoming Call of Duty title, expressing that the fan-favorite Search and Destroy game mode was “going to be fire” in Modern Warfare based off what he has seen so far.

Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto was also excited for the next CoD release, likening his experience on the multiplayer beta to Call of Duty: Ghosts and revealing that he is enjoying the game so far, “This feels like call of duty ghosts to me and I love it.”

Modern Warfare is set to be the first game to be played in the upcoming Call of Duty franchise league, beginning in 2020.

Although the game is likely to change somewhat from the current state of the beta, many competitive players seem generally optimistic for the release of on October 25, although there remain some concerns.